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Sixth Sense - VMS Connect

Main Challenges

The HR consulting firms which operate on MSP/VMS (Managed Service Provider/Vendor Management System) space face the challenge of extracting the timesheets of their consultants working at various customer sites during the payroll cycle. The back-office people involved in payroll cycle has to login into different VMS portals using the respective credentials to generate a report or capture the data of the timesheet for their consultants and process them. The challenge will become more complex when multiple resources are involved in extracting timesheets and consolidating the data from multiple files. Obviously, a process has to be defined such that every resource will adhere to the process to minimize the chaos. Moreover, the accuracy of data has to be verified manually to avoid any error during the payroll processing. The net result is that more time will be spent for each payroll cycle and the time will be directly proportional to the number of VMS systems to be accessed and the number of timesheets to be extracted. Is there a solution available to automate the process of extracting timesheets from multiple VMS portals given the payroll date range cycle to cut down the time being spent of timesheet extraction?.


NLP Labís Sixth Sense VMS Connect provides the solution that HR consulting firms is looking for. The product is a web-based application installed on premise and the application can pull the timesheets from various VMS portals for the given date range. The login credentials for each of the VMS portal is configured and can be checked as well before commencing the extraction process. The product will extract the hours clocked for each day which may include overtime, doubletime and non-billable hours and store the data into a database along with the snapshot of the timesheet. The snapshot of the timesheet can be used to reconcile or verify the extracted data for audit purpose. The application runs in a multi-threaded environment and the user can see the data extraction results in real-time. The current product has the connectors built for FieldGlass, IQNavigator, Beeline, Econometrix, Emptoris, ProWand, Provade, AccelerationVMS, SimpleVMS, Zerochaos. The architecture is flexible to add new VMS connectors and plug the same into the application. The extraction of Monthly timesheet is also possible and it has been successfully implemented for Fieldglass and Beeline. The data can be exported into an Excelsheet also.

Sixth Sense VMS Connect helps organizations increase their employee productivity, maximizing the value of the existing information resources, and faster ROI on its deployment.


- Hosted within your own network and hence the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) lies with you and the confidential data is residing within the company.
- Easy to build additional connectors to different VMS portals and plug it into the application.
- No additional software license required other than the search engine and the hardware required to run the engine.
- A cost effective, reliable and well organized solution which meets your needs
- The customization to the software to integrate with existing Financial system is possible.
- Excellent customer support of 24/5 to ensure that the engine is operational always.


The engine is licensed to corporates and consulting firms on annual subscription and per server basis.We provide remote support to the tool and fix any bugs that may arise during the execution. For details on the pricing, please send a mail to or call +91-98800 42322 (Vasudevan).

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