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About Us

NLP Labs is a global text search and semantic web solutions company building reliable software products and turnkey solutions using latest technologies and proven development practices. Our primary focus is to build software products in the information extraction and information retrieval domain using Natural Language Processing (NLP) in order to improve the user experience and the productivity by several folds.

Fast Facts
* Commenced operations in Mid 2008
* Joint venture with Mr. M. Umapathi (MD of Voltech Group) closed in January 2009 and moved into a new office in Feb 2009
* Technology focus is in information extraction and information retrieval domain
* Sixth Sense Journal Search, our 1st product, to be released in 1st quarter of 2010
* Already delivered the first few solutions to the market (Oxford Dictionary Search and Media Search)

Our market is global and our solutions address several market segments / micro-verticals like
* Education
* Media and Entertainment
* Healthcare
* Telecom
* Banking and Finance

* Generic framework based solution for shorter time to market for our customers
* Affordable solutions using Open-Source systems / modules where possible
* Flexible licensing terms to deliver cost competitive advantage to customers
* State-Of-Art solutions based on industry standards

* 1st Nov. - Sixth Sense-Journal Search beta release to market.
* 10th Jan. Sixth Sense-Journal Search final release.