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If you're bright, enthusiastic and eager to learn, NLP Labs wants you!

Why work at NLP Labs

We believe work should be fun, so we favor modern programming languages that are productive and fun to use, like Scala, Groovy and Clojure. (Of course, the real world has a lot of code in Java and C++ and other such languages, so we know and use those too.) Version control should not be chore, or an exercise in bondage, so we use git.

Work isn't much fun if you're not in good company, so NLP Labs believes in hiring the best. We work in an easy, informal environment, where teams can work together and have a blast.

If you've ever been frustrated by deep reporting hierarchies where you report to a manager who reports to his, and you cannot interact with customers without going through multiple layers of corporate red tape, you'll find NLP Labs is a refreshing change. We prefer cohesive teams that interact directly with customers. At NLP Labs, if you're good, you'll get all the credit for it. There are no levels, we're all peers here.

Job Openings

Fresh graduates are welcome! We're looking for:

Sound fundamentals in math and C. Knowing C++ and Java is an advantage, but not essential.
Good reasoning, analytical and critical thinking skills.
A drive to learn, and the ability to learn quickly. We don't think learning is just a means to an end, we believe learning new ways of thinking and programming is a worthy goal in itself, and that getting good work done in the process is a bonus.
In sum, we program because programming is fun, not just a job. We'd like to meet more people who feel the same.