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NLP Labs - From Research to Reality

NLP Labs provides innovative web and enterprise solutions using Semantic Analysis, Text Analytics, and Natural Language Processing.

How we're different

We're powered by the best minds in the industry, a smooth blend of youth and experience. We're efficient and use modern technologies, which makes us faster and more responsive than traditional software development outfits. Combine that with our emphasis on test-driven development and exhaustive integration testing, and you have a team that develops high-quality applications on schedule.

We realize that not everyone has detailed requirements that they understand perfectly and that will never change. Our experienced programmers have worked with business processes in depth, and can help you translate your business requirements into software terms, guide you on the best ways to achieve what you're looking for. In addition, our development process is agile, open and transparent, so our customers can see what's being written early in the development cycle, and can ask for changes and see the results of those changes interactively.